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VIP™ Variable Incremental Pricing

*At the Wholesale Tile Club, our Customers receive exclusive VIP™ Pricing, or Variable Incremental Pricing, so the more they order, the more they save.

With VIP™ Pricing, our 150% Price Match Guarantee, and our Lowest (all inclusive) Final “Delivered” Pricing why shop anywhere else. No Tile Company will try harder to “Best Price” your Order, save you Money and provide you with outstanding Customer Service, before, during and after the Order has been Delivered! No Gimmicks, No Games.

* certain charges, conditions and restrictions apply (see details below, or contact us for details)


General VIP™ Variable Incremental Pricing Guidelines and Info

*About our VIP™ Pricing Policy: We have Variable Incremantal Pricing™, which provides a Starting s/f (or item) Price which is then adjusted down based on the size of your order. The more s/f (items) you order of the same Product and/or from the same Manufacturer, at the same time, the lower the s/f (or item) price will be. Product Quotes from the WTC™ are always Customized individually for each Customer, based on the Product and Amount indicated in their Quote Request.



The Wholesale Tile Club serves the entire US and International Market. Callers from the US Territories contact us Toll Free at 1-866-960-TILE | 1-866-960-8453, and International Callers please contact us at 727-230-3003. Thanks for visiting the Wholesale Tile Club.

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