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Bidding on Products from the Wholesale Tile Club™ is easy!

Simply e-mail your Product Bid request to and a Member Services Representative will contact you shortly with your bid status.

To expedite your Bid Request, please be sure to include detailed product information, including Brand, product name, product description and details (size etc.) as well as item numbers of each product (if available). Please don’t forget to state your Bid Price (the price you are offering to pay for the product). Please also include your City, State and Zip for shipping.

Thank you.

We will reply with your Bid Acceptance, Decline or Counter Offer within 1 business day or sooner.


The Wholesale Tile Club serves the entire US and International Market. Callers from the US Territories contact us Toll Free at 1-866-960-TILE | 1-866-960-8453, and International Callers please contact us at 727-230-3003. Thanks for visiting the Wholesale Tile Club.

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