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The Emser Story

Established in 1968, Emser Tile, headquartered in Los Angeles, has become the leading supplier of the world’s finest tile and natural stone. Through their international production network and product development expertise, they offer a myriad of possibilities that help dealers, homebuilders, commercial builders, contractors, architects and designers bring their ideas to life. Emser products are frequently used in residential and commercial projects throughout the United States including the following: homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, malls and educational facilities. Although Emser has grown rapidly in response to changing trends and technology, their dedication to outstanding quality and service has remained as strong as ever.

Corporate Office:
8431 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90069
Phone: 323-650-2000
Fax: 323-654-3190


The Emser Difference

 Production Network
Emser’s production network brings the latest global trends and innovation to our customers doorsteps. Built over three decades, our expansive capacity translates into vast selection and immediate distribution. With Emser, customers have quick access to unique and, in many cases, first-to-market products.

Emser is the fashion leader in glazed ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone products. We offer the latest colors, finishes and textures, accompanied by a broad assortment of coordinating trim and accent pieces. Their extensive in stock product lines consisting of over 2700 skus, supported by sales offices and distribution centers across the nation, allow their customers to fill their floor, wall and countertop tile needs with speed and efficiency.

Emser’s services are tailored to customer’s specialized needs. They offer exclusive programs that help dealers, homebuilders, commercial builders, contractors, architects and designers exceed the expectations of their customers, while keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Their experienced team assists with the entire process from material specification and selection through scheduling of delivery. They also provide complete merchandising, marketing and product knowledge support to ensure the success of each project.

Emser is committed to maximize the value they deliver to each customer. The Emser team is constantly developing, sourcing and refining in order to provide the best products at the best value.

Emser Tile Brands

Emser Agra Collection, Emser Antique Collection, Emser Atlantis Collection, Emser Belgio Collection, Emser Cape Cod Collection, Emser Casa Collection, Emser Catarina Collection, Emser Classica Collection, Emser Coliseum Collection, Emser Eclipse Collection, Emser Emilia Collection, Emser Etrusca Collection, Emser Forma Collection, Emser Genoa Collection, Emser Granite Collection, Emser Heritage Collection, Emser Kenya Collection, Emser Lago Collection, Emser Landscape Collection, Emser Limestone Collection, Emser Lindos Collection, Emser Lucente Collection, Emser Madrid Collection, Emser Magma Collection, Emser Marble Collection, Emser Moda Collection, Emser Morfos Collection, Emser Naples Collection, Emser Natural Collection, Emser Pacific Collection, Emser Padua Collection, Emser Paladino Collection, Emser Pamplona Collection, Emser Paradiso Collection, Emser Piazza Collection, Emser Pietre Collection, Emser Plaza Collection, Emser Quarry Collection, Emser Rainier Collection, Emser Renaissance Collection, Emser Roma Collection, Emser Rossini Collection, Emser Seville Collection, Emser Sistina Collection, Emser Slate Collection, Emser Sorrento Collection, Emser Strands Collection, Emser Stresa Collection, Emser Summit Collection, Emser Terrazza Collection, Emser Terre del Sole Collection, Emser Textile Collection, Emser Textures Collection, Emser Times Square Collection, Emser Tivolti Collection, Emser Torino Collection, Emser Travertine Collection, Emser Vecchia Corte Collection, Emser Vella Collection, Emser Veracruz Collection.

Emser Tile Size Range: 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 4x24, 6x24, 10x10, 12x12, 13x13, 13x20, 17x17, 18x18, 19x19, 20x20, 12x24, 24x24, 4x24, 6x24, 13x20, 2x12, Mosaics and more. 

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